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While there are many other reputable Service Providers serving families in the Mingo Junction area, Mosti Funeral Home is there for you and stands by you every step of the way to ensure we give your loved one an honorable Funeral Service. Mosti Funeral Home provides affordable & dignified funeral and cremation services to families of Mingo Junction, OH and surrounding communities like Bloomingdale and Wintersville.

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Choosing a Quality Mingo Junction, Ohio Funeral Home Provider

Mingo Junction, OH is a village in Jefferson County, Ohio, United States, along the Ohio River. Mingo Junction is part of the Weirton-Steubenville, WV-OH Metropolitan Statistical Area. The population was 3,454 at the 2010 census.  Of course, not every Mingo Junction, OH funeral home and cremations provider is the right choice to hire. This is where a company like ours, Mosti Funeral Home can help. We are dedicated to providing all manner of quality services to the people of this area. We can offer:

•Cremation Services

•Funeral Arrangements and Planning for Different Budgets

•Pre-planning Services

•Guidance in All Aspects of Funeral Arrangements

If you have lost a loved one and want to ensure that you choose the right funeral home to help with all of the arrangements, then we have a few suggestions of what to look for.

Positive Reputation in the Area

In a community like Mingo Junction, OH, word of mouth can make or break a business. This is where choosing a funeral home that has a positive reputation can really make a difference. It is normal for a business to have one or two disgruntled clients, but if the majority of comments about it are negative, then it is not the right business to hire.

Services You Want from an Mingo Junction, OH Funeral Home and Cremations Provider

This is one very important thing to consider, especially if you want some of the services that are less common. Bio-cremation, for example, is not offered by every funeral home or crematorium, so if this is what you want for your loved one, then you need to find a company that can offer this service. The same thing applies for people who want more ecofriendly options in burial services. Be sure to ask about the options that the funeral home you are considering can provide.

Why Families choose Us for Funeral, Burial, Memorial and Cremation Services in Mingo Junction, OH

You will be dealing with grief as well as with the stress of having to plan a funeral or memorial, so the last thing you want is to have trouble with the funeral director. You want someone who is friendly and trustworthy on your side. You want someone who also communicates efficiently with you. When choosing a funeral home in Mingo Junction, OH, you do not want to have to worry about getting a hold of the funeral director. The right funeral director will return emails and calls promptly and will ensure that he or she answers all of your questions.

Normal Price Ranges

It can be a good idea to do some research about the average cost of the services you want for a loved one. Although funeral homes each have their own price lists which can be slightly different from each other, the reputable ones have prices that are within that average. It can be tempting to choose a company that offers services that are less expensive than the rest, but this is not a good idea. It probably means that they cut corners with what they provide and that is certainly something you do not want.

Licenses and Permits

You need to find a funeral home that has all of the right licenses and permits in place. They need to be valid and applicable in the area. Most of this information you can find online, since funeral homes these days always have websites, but if you are not sure, you can definitely ask to see the licenses and permits in person.

Family-Owned is Best

Something else to keep in mind is that a family-owned funeral home is usually the best choice. Corporate funeral homes do not provide the kind of individualized attention that you deserve. We know this at Mosti Funeral Home and we are here to offer unique services for each of our clients. Corporate businesses have too many clients at a time and will not be able to provide the kind of guidance that we can, while a family-owned option is dedicated to each individual client.

Choosing an reputable funeral home in Mingo Junction, Ohio can be much easier if you take the time to read about your options. Everything from price lists to whether or not they are a family-owned business needs to be taken into consideration. If you are looking for the right funeral home, then we can help. We are located at 4435 Sunset Boulevard, Steubenville, OH 43952 and you can call us at 740-264-4767. Reach out to our staff and let’s discuss your options.


How long must we wait after their death before we can cremate a family member in Mingo Junction, Ohio?

Unlike burial, cremation in Mingo Junction is irreversible. This requires us to be "extra diligent" in obtaining cremation authorization from the legally identified next-of-kin, as well as those from any necessary agencies (such as the medical examiner). During these 48-72 hours (depending on state mandated requirements); the deceased will be held in a secure, refrigerated environment.

Local Resources for Mingo Junction, Ohio


Harmony United Methodist Church,  2119 Commercial St, Mingo Junction, OH 43938 - (740) 535-1074

St Agnes Church, 204 St Clair Ave, Mingo Junction, OH 43938 - (740) 535-1491

St John the Baptist Byzantine, 207 Standard Ave, Mingo Junction, OH 43938 - (740) 535-0271

Finley Ministry Center, 128 Raynes Rd, Mingo Junction, OH 43938 - (740) 282-9795

First United Presbyterian, 650 McLister Ave, Mingo Junction, OH 43938 - (740) 535-0309

St Andrew's Orthodox Church, 100 Summit Ave, Mingo Junction, OH 43938 - (740) 535-0397

Kolmont Community Church,  48 Finley Rd, Mingo Junction, OH 43938 - (740) 282-9423

Georges Run United Methodist Church, 1436 OH-151, Mingo Junction, OH 43938


Town House Bar & Grill, 530 Commercial St, Mingo Junction, OH 43938 - (740) 535-1248

Hillsboro Grill & Tavern, 804 McLister Ave, Mingo Junction, OH 43938 - (740) 282-5599

Mingo Diner LLC, 2210 Commercial Ave, Mingo Junction, OH 43938 - (740) 535-2008

Josephine's,  2286 Wilson Ave, Mingo Junction, OH 43938 - (740) 282-1599

Cross Creek Tavern, 3299 Co Rd 74, Mingo Junction, OH 43938 - (740) 282-0222

Lickity Splitz, 5488 OH-151, Mingo Junction, OH 43943

Post Office

United States Postal Service, 679 Commercial St, Mingo Junction, OH 43938

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About Mingo Junction, OH

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There is plenty of information available on their village website concerning operations, important dates and who and how to contact village representatives. You can also check their newsletter for breaking news about the village and their various departments.

The Mingo Indian tribe once had a settlement at the location of the present day village, which is the source of its name. Originally known as Mingo Bottom or Mingo Town, it was the starting point for the ill-fated Crawford expedition against Native Americans in 1782, during the American Revolutionary War.

In 1770, George Washington set out on an expedition to explore the Ohio River Valley. On the 22nd day of October he camped overnight in what was known then as Mingo Town, describing it as blustery and cold with about 20 cabins and 70 inhabitants of the Iroquois Confederation. Washington wrote a complete account of his observations in a diary stored in the Library of Congress.

Mingo Junction was founded circa 1869 when an iron works was started there. In 1900, its only manufacturing plant was a steel mill owned by Carnegie Steel Company. Wikipedia

We provide funeral home & cremation services to all of Jefferson County, Ohio including, Steubenville, Wintersville, Mingo Junction, Hopedale, New Alexandria, Toronto, Richmond, Belvedere, Unionport, Bloomingdale and all other surrounding communities.


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